A comparative study of heterogeneous decision analysis approaches applied to sustainable energy evaluation

MacArena Espinilla, Iván Palomares, Luis MartÍnez, Da Ruan

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    The evaluation of sustainable energy policies supports the selection of the best policy to put it in practice. In this evaluation, stakeholders may express their preferences in different domains, considering their diverse background and the imprecision and uncertainty of the related information, as well as the nature of assessed criteria. Therefore, these evaluation problems require the selection of an adequate approach to manage such a heterogeneous framework. In this paper, we review three approaches with different strategies to deal with heterogeneous information and apply them to the evaluation of sustainable energy policies, with the view of analyzing their influence in a complex evaluation process, mainly in terms of interpretability and understandability.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)159-174
    Number of pages16
    JournalInternational Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowldege-Based Systems
    Issue numberSUPPL. 1
    StatePublished - Jun 2012

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