Attitude towards nuclear energy: focus on the young generation

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    This study seeks to determine trends in the young generation in what concerns opinion about and attitute towards nuclear-related issues. Among other, we tested the hypothesis that people younger than 30 years have a more negative opionion about nuclear energy. The results reported are based on data collected in 2009 in the framework of the SCK•CEN Barometer, a large scale public opinion survey in the Belgian population. The sample of people interviewed (N=1031) is representative for the Belgian adult (+18) population with respect to province, region, level of urbanisation, gender, age and professionally active status. The large sample size of the survey allows highlighting general trends and conducting detailed analysis of subgroups of the population. The data collection method employed was Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, i.e. personal interviews of 30 to 45 minutes carried out at the home of the respondents, the answers being directly recorded on a portable hard disk. The field work is done by a professional company.
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    StatePublished - Jun 2012

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