Benchmarking as Key Element of Confidence Building in Safety Assessments for Radioactive Waste Disposal

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    In safety cases for disposal of radioactive waste, currently in development in several countries worldwide, verification of the codes applied for assessment of the long-term repository safety is typically one of the quality assurance requirements demanded by regulatory bodies. Code verification can be done by performing benchmark calculations between two numerical codes. In this paper, an internationally organized benchmark exercise is presented, in which the intercomparison was carried out for a selection of key radionuclides, among which an actinide chain. Besides a strict comparison of the calculated output, both applied codes were evaluated on the feasibility of implementation of processes, especially focusing on realism in the source term formulation. The examples presented in this paper show that COMSOL Multiphysics can be a valuable complementary modelling tool, adequately representing most of the processes of importance in a radioactive waste repository, for varying and even extreme timescales.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationCOMSOL Conference Hannover 2008 Proceedings
    Place of PublicationHannover, Germany
    StatePublished - Nov 2008
    EventCOMSOL Conference 2008 4th annual conference on multiphysics simulation. - COMSOL, Hannover
    Duration: 4 Nov 20086 Nov 2008


    ConferenceCOMSOL Conference 2008 4th annual conference on multiphysics simulation.

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