BR2 - The maximum credible accident without sodium combustion

Gabriel Penelle

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    The Maximum Credible Accident of the BR2 reactor was studied in the report Big 50 ; the combustion of 75 kg of sodium, used in the reactor for experimental purposes, was assumed. However, it Is very sure that sodium normally will not be present in the reactor; the consequences of the Maximum Credlble Accident without sodium are studied in the present report.
    As far as the BR2 reactor Is concerned, a step change reactivity
    insertion of 1.3 % to 1.9 % would result in a nuclear runaway with the
    following consequences:
    a) the fuel elements would be heated beyond the melting point and we
    assume that a temperature as high as 1200*C can be reached ;
    b) at such a temperature, an aluminium-water reaction could occur
    c) this Chemical reaction would release hydrogen which could react with
    the oxygen of the air.
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    StatePublished - Jan 1962

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