CEBAMA - WP1 Experimental studies – State of the art literature review (M09 - Feb 2016). Deliverable D 1.03

Tapio Vehmas, Erika Holt, Quoc Tri Phung, Norbert Maes

Research outputpeer-review


This report is an initial state-of-the-art literature review in the CEBAMA –project for work package 1. Chapters are written by the participants of CEBAMA and the chapters serve as state-of-the-art reviews for the the experimental research conducted by various partners. The report has short an introduction to the nuclear waste repository concepts of the project’s participating countries. The research methods section gives a general overview of some of the internationally used techniques in cementitious materials research for nuclear waste repositories. More details about specific experimental method boundary conditions used in CEBAMA are described in the Deliverable D1.04 (to be published April 2016). In the materials section, the historic development of low-hydration heat, low-pH concrete formulations is presented. More details about specific materials used in CEBAMA are described in the Deliverable D1.05 (to be published May 2016). Most of this literature reviews presented in the chapters here are focused on the processes related to cementitious materials. Geochemical and physical evolution of the cementitious materials in a repository environment is described from various viewpoints. Detailed information about the authors and affiliations is presented at the beginning of each chapter.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEC - European Commission
Number of pages237
StatePublished - 22 Mar 2016

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