Characterization And Monte Carlo Simulations Of A 4-Liter NaI Detection System For Use During Nuclear And Radiological Emergencies And For The Detection Of Nuclear Materials

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    SCK•CEN is engaged in research related to the use of a large volume NaI detection system for use during nuclear and radiological emergencies, for the detection of nuclear materials and for the characterization of contaminated sites. As part of this effort, a research activity is being carried out to determine the characteristics and build a Monte Carlo model of the available 4 liters NaI detector. These activities consist of: Determination of energy resolution, efficiency, lower threshold, background in laboratory conditions using well-characterized point sources; Modeling and validating of the detector by Monte Carlo simulations; Determination of the response function by combining measurement and simulation results; Characterization of the detector for contaminated surfaces by measurements and modeling (2D source, 9 m2 containing 133Ba and 137Cs); Calibration of detector for dose rate measurements This paper focuses on the results obtained so far concerning the Monte Carlo model and its validation with experimental data.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationApplications of Nuclear Techniques: Eleventh International Conference
    Place of PublicationMelville, NY, United States
    StatePublished - 1 Dec 2011
    EventInternational Conference on Applications of Nuclear Techniques 2011 - Dr. George Vourvopoulos, Rethymnon
    Duration: 12 Jun 201117 Jun 2011

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    ConferenceInternational Conference on Applications of Nuclear Techniques 2011

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