Characterization of the scattered radiation field around an x-ray tube

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    To determine patient doses or doses to medical staff, Monte Carlo calculations are frequently applied. In these calculations the X-ray tube is often simplified to make the calculations faster. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of simplications in the Monte Carlo set-up of the X-ray tube on the observed differences between measurements and calculations in the scattered field. Different calculations were performed where each time a component of the simulated X-ray tube (colimator, filters, etc.) or the environment (walls) are included. Scattered doses are also measured with thermoluminescent dosemeters. For the most simplified geometry of the X-ray tube, measurements are on average 70% larger than the calculated results. A much better agreement with the measurements is observed for more realistic calculations. The current work applies to a particular source in the SCK•CEN calibration laboratory, therefore the obtained results are very representative and relevant for studies in calibration laboratories. As clinical sources have more shielding material and as in real imaging situations the scatter generated at the patient is much larger than the scatter leaking from the source, the results of this study have limited impact on the wider field of clinical dosimetry.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)2731-2741
    JournalPhysics in Medicine and Biology
    Issue number9
    StatePublished - Apr 2011

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