Contributions of MYRRHA to the European Fusion Energy Roadmap

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    One of the main objectives of the EUROfusion Roadmap to Fusion Energy during Horizon Europe is to finalize the conceptual design (thus preparing the engineering design phase) and initiate the construction of a fusion spectrum neutron source (IFMIF-DONES). The Belgian Nuclear Research Center is currently developing the MYRRHA research facilities, which include a subcritical accelerator-driven system ignited by a 600 MeV superconducting linear proton accelerator coupled to a 100 MeV proton injector. The implementation of the multipurpose fast spectrum reactor MYRRHA will proceed in phases, with phase I, covering 2019–2027, including the deployment of the 100 MeV proton accelerator and associated fusion material research facilities. The research on fusion materials on the basis of the 100 MeV proton beam and with hot cell facilities will focus on innovative materials and composites and will be fully complementary to IFMIF-DONES as well to the planned research program on using currently available nuclearized facilities such as BR2 (Belgian Research Reactor 2) and Hot Cells for mechanical, microstructural and chemical analysis. A bespoke fusion irradiation module is also foreseen on the MYRRHA reactor, the construction of which is planned in the third phase of the implementation of the project (i.e. after 2035). Provisions have been made in the core of the MYRRHA reactor to include so-called In-Pile Sections around the central core or at the central core position below the spallation target when operating in subcritical mode. In this contribution, we review the role and technical capabilities that MYRRHA facilities may provide in the framework of the European Fusion Electricity Roadmap and specifically for DEMO Engineering Design, Material's Development and enhancement of Technology Readiness Level. Aspects of education and training, being an integral part of the European nuclear fusion program, are also touched upon. Finally, the synchronization of the timelines for the implementation of MYRRHA and the EU fusion facilities are discussed.

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