D9.59 - Radiological state database of sites: Report describing the TERRITORIES Library Database (TLD) – a repository for radiological measurements made at selected sites

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    Sub-subtask of the CONCERT work programme (Task 1.1 of the TERRITORIES project) considered the development of guidance for the design of environmental monitoring for dose assessment and for support to remediation. In support of this task the TERRITORIES Library Database (TLD) was developed. This report gives details of the structure of the TLD, describes the data held in the TLD and the process by which these data are entered into the database. The purpose of the TLD is to provide a repository for measurements of environmental activity concentrations and dose rates that have been made at sites contaminated with radioactive material. The intention is to use these measurements to investigate the effectiveness of different monitoring strategies for characterising the contamination at a site and if possible to show the impact of any attempted remediation. In addition, the data held in the TLD can be used to validate models and to investigate the improvements in predictive power obtained through model development. The TLD was created using the Firebird open source database developer software (http://firebirdsql.org/en/start/) and a user interface, called the TLD Reader, was created using Delphi™. The TLD Reader enables the user to interrogate the TLD using pre-programmed queries or by building bespoke queries using SQL.
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    StatePublished - 29 Jul 2019

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