Deliverable 15.3: Training materials: Work Package 15 ConCorD

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This report provides an overview of presentations that can be used as training materials related to the ConCorD WP. The topics and content are based on the SotA document (deliverable 15.1). The first topic gives an overview of the evolution of the environmental conditions focussed on the near-field and their impact on corrosion behaviour. More detailed information about the transient conditions, the impact of irradiation and microbial processes is provided. The second topic gives an overview of novel technological concepts for container materials and the third topic summarizes prediction tools for assessment of long-time barrier integrity and the integration of corrosion phenomena in performance assessments. The outline and learning outcomes for each of the topics is given in this report. In general, the target audience for all lectures are people that have already a basic background in corrosion but want to learn more details about a topic outside their field. For example, beginning PhD students/scientist in the field. This enables people to gain a broad basic background in studying corrosion processes related to nuclear waste disposal. A more detailed technical training or practical sessions that cover different modelling tools can be developed depending on the needs of future Training Event organizers. In principle, the slides can be used on a stand-alone basis to learn the main principles, however, more subtle information will be gained if the slides are taught by a lecturer. At the end of the project, the lectures will be updated with relevant results. The slides are attached as annexes.
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StatePublished - 22 Mar 2023

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