Design and safety studies on an EFIT core with CERMET fuel

X.-N. Chen, A. Rineiski, P. Liu, W. Maschek, C. Matzerath Boccaccini, F. Gabrielli, Vitaly Sobolev, Baudouin Arien

    Research outputpeer-review


    Within the EUROTRANS Programme a European Facility for Industrial Transmutation (EFIT) is under development. This paper deals with the design and safety analyses of an EFIT core with Mo-matrix based CERMET fuel. A three zone core design was developed, which satisfies the EFIT general and specific requirements. The fuel/matrix ratio in each zone is determined for a suitable subcritical level at a keff of about 0.97 and a total form factor around 1.5. The Pu/MA ratio also determines the transmutation rate and the burn-up characteristics, ranging between 46/54 at% to 40/60 at% for optimizing the reactivity swing and the MA transmutation efficiency. Based on the preliminary core design, safety calculations are performed with SIMMER-III for three types of transient: the unprotected loss of flow (ULOF), the unprotected transient of over power (UTOP) and the unprotected blockage accident (UBA). It can be shown that in the CERMET core the fuel and clad design limits are not violated under the conditions of ULOF and UTOP. In the UBA case, pin failures will happen and lead to a local voiding and reactivity insertion, but a fuel sweep-out process leads to a power reduction and restricts the core degradation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationProceedings of "International Conference on the Physics of Reactors -PHYSOR 2008"
    Place of PublicationFrance
    StatePublished - Sep 2008
    Event2008 - PHYSOR - International Conference on the Physics of Reactors: Nuclear Power: A Sustainable Resource - Interlaken
    Duration: 14 Sep 200819 Sep 2008


    Conference2008 - PHYSOR - International Conference on the Physics of Reactors
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