Determination of α-resolution in lattice-valued first-order logic LF(X)

Yang Xu, Jun Liu, Da Ruan, Xiaobing Li

Research outputpeer-review


Key issues for resolution-based automated reasoning in lattice-valued first-order logic LF(X) are investigated with truth-values in a lattice-valued logical algebraic structure–lattice implication algebra (LIA). The determination of resolution at a certain truth-value level (called α-resolution) in LF(X) is proved to be equivalently transformed into the determination of α-resolution in lattice-valued propositional logic LP(X) based on LIA. The determination of α-resolution of any quasi-regular generalized literals and constants under various cases in LP(X) is further analyzed, specified, and subsequently verified. Hence the determination of α-resolution in LF(X) can be accordingly solved to a very broad extent, which not only lays a foundation for the practical implementation of automated reasoning algorithms in LF(X), but also provides a key support for α-resolution-based automated reasoning approaches and algorithms in LIA based linguistic truth-valued logics.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1836-1862
Number of pages27
JournalInformation Sciences
Issue number10
StatePublished - 15 May 2011

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