Developments in a Coupled Thermal-Hydraulic-Chemical-Geomechanical Model for Soil and Concrete

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    This paper documents current status in the development of a coupled thermal-hydraulicchemical-geomechanical numerical suite within COMSOL-MATLAB environment to address soil and concrete applications. The mathematical formulations are based on well-established continuum scale models unifying mass conservation, energy conservation, charge conservation, thermodynamic equilibrium and kinetics and stress equilibrium equations. In this instance, four benchmark problems have been selected which shows the ability of the coupled model to handle hydro-mechanical, thermalhydro-mechanical, chemo-osmotic and reactive transport problems. Results have been discussed in terms of comparisons of pore water pressure, temperature, concentrations, stresses and displacements against alternative numerical codes and experiments. The results are largely encouraging and go to establish that COMSOL can serve as a powerful research tool
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationCOMSOL Conference 2013 - only available online
    Place of PublicationNetherlands
    StatePublished - Oct 2013
    EventCOMSOL Conference 2013 - COMSOL, Rotterdam
    Duration: 23 Oct 201325 Oct 2013


    ConferenceCOMSOL Conference 2013

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