Developpements recents des techniques de spectrometrie des neutrons des piles rapides - émulsion ionographiques, jonctions, chambres a fission et détecteurs à activation

J.L. Campan, P. Caumette, A. Desprets, A. Kania, Charles Beets, P. Colle, Hans Deckers, Ghislaine Gierts

    Research outputpeer-review


    The paper describes methods for analysing neutron spectra inside fast-neutron reactors and related experiments. For the direct measurements, (n,p) collisions and the Li6(n,t) reaction were used. In the case of the (n,p) collission,
    type L llford emulsion was used, and the response of Gevaert 307 emulsion
    was determined. The evaluation of tracks was done entirely by photography. A semi-automatic microscope with direct reading at the eyepiece instead of on the stage was developed. In another contribution to this Symposium the author deals with the possibilities of the Li6(n,t)He4 improvements in the design of miniature fission chambers are referred to, and the paper gives the results of a systematic study of a 4 Π β-particle counter that is mainIy intended for detectors using phosphorus, sulphur, sodium bicarbonate, and so on, in the form of a powder enclosedin small aluminium containers.
    The various methods of processing the results are reported.
    One application is selected as an example to illustrate the results obtained
    with the techniques described.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherSCK CEN
    Number of pages20
    StatePublished - Dec 1962

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    NameSCK CEN Reports
    PublisherSCK CEN

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