Element independent biosphere parameters: Project near surface disposal of category A waste at Dessel

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    The present report is one of three reports constituting the “DATA-LT(BIO)” part of the safety case, that develop input parameters for the biosphere model and underpin the data collection forms (DCF) for biosphere aspects. It defines and justifies values for radionuclide independent parameters required for the assessment of the dose to members of the public in the long term. As a starting point, the parameter values reported in “Biosfeerparameters in perfomantie- en veiligheidsanalyses” [Biosphere parameters in performance and safety assessment], previously published by Sweeck et al., were taken. However, as some changes to the biosphere model have been made since this publication, new and additional parameters are required. These include data on new plant species (fruit and berries and non-leafy vegetables), on new animal species (sheep, goat, pork and poultry), on soil ingestion by humans... Furthermore, some older information is updated (e.g. human consumption habits). Where relevant, references to international literature values are included and compared with our data. The data analysis has been conducted according to SCK•CEN work instruction 178-INS-0001 for the completion of data collection forms (DCF). The parameters elaborated in the present report are used as an input to the biosphere model (QUAL-LT(BIO) – Biosphere model report). Furthermore, a number of them are also used in human intrusion scenarios (QUAL-LT(INT) – Model assumptions for assessing inadvertent human intrusion into the Dessel near surface repository from an isolation perspective).
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    StatePublished - 30 Nov 2018

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    NameNIROND-TR Reports
    VolumeNIROND-TR 2008–28E-V3

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