Etude théorique des propertietés dynamiques du polaron

E. Kartheuser

Research outputpeer-review

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The present work deals with the general polaron theory and, more specifiaclly, with the electrical and optical properties of ionic crystals and polar semiconductors, resulting from the interaction between charge carriers and lattice vibrations.
We have developed a new method based on the resolution of Heisenberg equations of motion for the particule by successive iterations. Two different approaches wer eused according to the value of the coupling constant : the first one holds true only at low couling strengths whereas the second, valid in principle for all strengths , is particularly well adapted for strong coupling.
With these treatments, we have been able to investigate the following interesting points:
1) variation of the effective polaron mass with velocity ; one finds an increase
of mass with velocity which leads to suggest new cyclotron resonance
experiments (possible influence of the electric field on the cyclotron
frequency and anomalous variations of the latter with magnetic field);
2) evaluation of the mobility for high electric fields ; beyond a critical
value there appears a lowering of the mobility by emission of phonons due
Jerenkov like effect ;
3) the absorption of light by free polarons Is treated within the framework
of the Born-Oppenheimer adiabatic approximation.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSCK CEN
Number of pages175
StatePublished - Sep 1968
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