Evaluation and requirements for scale factors from EMRP project MetroDECOM (ENV 54)

Simon Jerome, Sven Boden, Marco Capogni, P De Felice, P. Ivanov, Petr Kovar, Jana Smoldasova

Research outputpeer-review


The EMRP project MetroDECOM was concerned with research addressing all aspects of nuclear decommissioning in order to deliver integrity and cost-effectiveness in support of clearance and disposal processes as well as improving safety and accuracy. One of the work packages was focused on the characterisation of materials present on decommissioning. Within this work package, work on scaling factors was aimed at applying the principles set out in ISO 21238:2007 to the measurement of contaminated areas in decommissioning sites. In this paper, we report the progress made under MetroDECOM in identifying decommissioning matrices of specific relevance to nuclear decommissioning within the EU and selecting priority hard-to-measure radionuclides for further study.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)381-385
JournalJournal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1 Oct 2018
Event2018 - MARC : 11th International Conference on Methods and Applications of Radioanalytical Chemistry - Kailua
Duration: 8 Apr 201813 Apr 2018

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