Evaluation technico-économique préliminaire

P.R. Heylen, J.G. Wurm, J.C Etienne, H. Lecerf, J.P. Rombaux, J. Van Impe, R. De Beukelaer, GREGOIRE DUBOIS, R. Gilbert

Research outputpeer-review

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A technico-economical evaluation has been realized in order to choice a flow-sheet for the reprocessing of fast breeder fuels. To be in a position to oriënt more efficiently the research and development work related to a pilot installation, six transport and head-end alternatives for a reprocessing plant with a capacity of 1 t/day after 150 days cooling, based on the Purex process, have been compared. For each of these alternatives, the advantages and disadvantages, investments, annual functioning costs and respective costs of the reprocessing per kg (UO2, PuO2) have been evaluated, excluding Purex extraction and waste storage. For a plant having this capacity, a pyrochemical head-end comprising sodium desactivation by molten salts, transport under molten salts, mechanical chopping of complete assemblies, disaggregation
under molten salts followed by solution in diluted nitric acid, would present the
advantage of lowering the investment by 25 % and the cost price by 40 % , compared to a plant of the same capacity using the present techniques for disassembly and individualization of the pins on the reactor site. transport under gas, chopping, voloxidation and dissolution in (HNO3, HF). Next to the economical interest of this head-end, the study revealed various important advantages related to security and environment. The costs for transport and reprocessing by molten salts. excluding Purex extraction, would amount to 3268 FB (1972) per kg (UO2, PuO2).
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSCK CEN
Number of pages54
StatePublished - Mar 1973
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NameSCK CEN Reports
PublisherSCK CEN

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