Fate of the iodine radioisotopes in the human and estimation of the radiation exposure

Jacques Colard, W.G. Verly, J.A. Henry, René Boulenger

    Research outputpeer-review


    Fate of the iodine isotopes and resulting organ exposures have been studied using the four-compartment model proposed by BROWNELL to account for the metabolism of this element.
    Mathematical equations have been established for this model from biological data accepted in the human. They have been used to calculate the amounts of IodIne-131 in the thyroid and In the remaining body as a function of time in case of a single or a chronic contamination ; In this latter case three phases have been considered : rise, equilibrium and decrease after removal of the contaminating source . The importance of the daily stable iodine intake from the food has been emphasized.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherSCK CEN
    Number of pages17
    StatePublished - Jan 1964

    Publication series

    NameSCK CEN Reports
    PublisherSCK CEN

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