In gas laser ionization and spectroscopy experiments at the Superconducting Separator Spectrometer (S3) : Conceptual studies and preliminary design

R. Ferrer, B. Bastin, D. Boilley, P. Creemers, P. Delahaye, E. Liénard, X. Fléchard, S. Franchoo, Lars Ghys, M. Huyse, Yu. Kudryavstsev, N. Lecesne, H. Lu, F. Lutton, E. Mogelevskiy, D. Pauwels, J. Piot, D. Radulov, L. Rens, H. SavajolsJ.C. Thomas, E. Traykov, C. Van Beveren, P. Van den Bergh, P. Van Duppen, Lucia Popescu

    Research outputpeer-review


    The results of preparatory experiments and the preliminary designs of a new in-gas laser ionization and spectroscopy setup, to be coupled to the Super Separator Spectrometer S3 of SPIRAL2-GANIL, are reported. Special attention is given to the development and tests to carry out a full implementation of the in-gas jet laser spectroscopy technique. Application of this novel technique to radioactive species will allow high- sensitivity and enhanced-resolution laser spectroscopy studies of ground- and excited-state properties of exotic nuclei.

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