Investigation of properties of grain boundaries and effect of Carbon on the mobility of point defects in BCC Fe and Fe-Cr alloys

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    This is an individual report for the secondment of Dmitry Terentyev to UPC, Barcelona executed on 3-31 July 2010. Within this mobility action D. Terentyev was working on (i) atomistic description of grain boundaries in Fe-Cr alloys and interaction of impurities with grain boundaries; (ii) effect of carbon on the relative stability of ½ and self interstitial atom clusters, effect of carbon on the mobility of 1D-migrating dislocation loops, possible drag of carbon by the dislocation loops and dislocations, effect of carbon on the stability and mobility of small vacancy clusters. The latter topics were determined as the objectives of the 2010 Work Programme of MAT-REMEV and fall under the Strategic Objectives for Fusion Materials Modelling and Experimental Validation (2010-2015) programme ( Both static and dynamic simulations will be performed using the most appropriate interatomic potential for Fe-C system that correctly accounts for the saturation of covalent bonding interaction (derived by Hepburn and Ackland in 2009). The report summarizes main scientific results achieved during the stay.
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    PublisherSCK CEN
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    StatePublished - 9 Sep 2010

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