Kolomchromatografische scheiding van Americium en Neodymium met CMPO/SiO2 -P extractiehars

[No Value] Leen Van Hoof, Karen Van Hecke, Aimé Bruggeman

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    The SCK•CEN is working for the Japanese IRI (Institute of Research and Innovation) on the ERIX-process (Electrolytic Reduction and Ion eXchange), the aim is to recuperate the reusable elements U and Pu from spent fuel (= reprocessing). Another aim is to separate the long livid radiotoxic isotopes (= partitioning) for possible later transmutation to products that are not dangerous. First U, Pu and Np are separated from the other actinides (Am and Cm) and from the fission products. Afterwards Am and Cm are separated together with the lanthanides. The last step is the separation of Am and Cm from the chemically analogous lanthanides. That separation is one of the most difficult steps but very important. In this work the separation of Am and Nd, with the use of column chromatography with CMPO/SiO2-P extraction resin as stationary phase is studied. As mobile phase a NaNO3/HNO3-solution is used in which TPEN has been solved or not. The influence of nitrates, of the pH and of TPEN on the separation is examined. The separation is checked by analysing Am and Nd in the eluated fractions using liquid scintillation counting and UV-VIS spectrophotometry.
    Original languageEnglish
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    • KU Leuven
    • Goethals, Patrick, Supervisor
    Place of PublicationLeuven
    StatePublished - Jun 2005

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