Leaching tests on plasma treated surrogate waste forms (part II): Topical report

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This report corresponds to a deliverable requested by specification sheet RS 17-SCK-BIT-01 – Plasma leaching tests for Research Package "Eurobitum and other B wastes (BIT)” in the framework agreement CONTRAT DE R&D "GESTION A LONG TERME DES DECHETS RADIOACTIFS" (SCK ref: CO-90-14-3690-00; N/O ref: CCHO 2015-0304/00/00). It presents tests with six plasma treated surrogate waste forms (plasma slags) and with the inactive glass SON68 (SON68-I). After characterisation of the thermally treated samples, their chemical durability was investigated by performing static leaching tests in KOH solution at 40 °C. In Appendix 1, the report also presents the results from leaching tests with three of these plasma slags in the framework of work package 4 ‘Disposability of thermally treated wastes products’ of the European project H2020 THERAMIN (Thermal treatment for radioactive waste minimisation and hazard reduction), using experimental conditions selected by the THERAMIN partner laboratories. Tests were carried out in ultrapure water and 90 °C. For intercomparison, tests were also conducted with the International Simplified Glass (ISG).
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StatePublished - 1 Sep 2019

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