Liability for isotopes used in radiotherapy

Tom Vanden Borre, Ludo Veuchelen

    Research outputpeer-review


    Medical isotopes can be considered a product for the purpose of the EC-product liability Directive, because the irradiation totally changes the characteristics of the bulk material the operator reveived. Such isotopes are built in a radiation therapy machine; the nuclear operator can therefor be considered the producer of a component part. As such , a medical isotope is not defective, but unavoidably unsafe. It can become defective if it is not accompanied by adequate warnings. A nuclear operator has several ways to espae lialibility (e.g. development risk, damage was caused by another component part). At this moment, the distance between the nuclear operator and the patient is big, but this can change when new techniques become operational. This will directly have an influence on the operator's liability.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationNuclear Inter Jura '95 conference
    Number of pages45
    StatePublished - 1995
    Event1995 - Nuclear Inter Jura '95 conference - Helsinki
    Duration: 3 Sep 19957 Sep 1995


    Conference1995 - Nuclear Inter Jura '95 conference

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