Making the most of what we have: application of extrapolation approaches in wildlife transfer models

Nick Beresford, Michael Wood, Jordi Vives i Batlle, Justin Brown, Ali Hosseini, Tamara Yankovich, Clare Bradshaw, Catherine Barnett, Claire Wells, Neil Willey, Hildegarde Vandenhove

    Research outputpeer-review


    Radiological environmental protection models need to predict the transfer of many radionuclides to a large number of organisms. There has been considerable development of transfer (predominantly concentration ratio) databases over the last decade. However, in reality it is unlikely we will ever have empirical data for all the species/radionuclide combinations which may need to be included in assessments. To provide default values for a number of existing models/frameworks various extrapolation approaches have been suggested (e.g. using data for a similar organism or element). This paper presents recent developments in two such extrapolation approaches, namely phylogeny and allometry. An evaluation of how extrapolation approaches have performed and the potential application of Bayesian statistics to make best use of available data is also given.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationElectronic proceedings O-055 Session 06.1. Radionuclides Speciation & Ecological Transfer
    Place of PublicationBarcelona, Spain
    StatePublished - 8 Sep 2014
    EventInternational Conference on Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity - ICRER, Barcelona
    Duration: 7 Sep 201412 Sep 2014


    ConferenceInternational Conference on Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity

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