Measurement of high energy resolution inelastic proton scattering at and close to zero degrees

Tamii A, Fujita Y, Matsubara H, Adachi T, Carter J, Dozono M, Fujita H, Fujita K, Hashimoto H, Hatanaka K, Itahashi T, Itoh M, Kawabata T, Nakanishi K, Ninomiya S, Perez-Cerdan A.B., Lucia Popescu, Rubio B, Saito T, Sakaguchi HSakemi Y, Sasamoto Y, Shimbara Y, Shimizu Y, Smit F.D., Tameshinge Y, Yosoi M, Zenhiro J, Dieter Pauwels

    Research outputpeer-review


    Measurements of inelastic proton scattering with high energy resolution at forward scattering angles including 0 deg are described. High-resolution halo-free beams were accelerated by the cyclotron complex at the Research Center for Nuclear Physics. Instrumental background events were minimized using the high-quality beam. The remaining instrumental background events were eliminated by applying a background subtraction method. As a result, clean spectra were obtained even for a heavy target nucleus such as View the MathML source. A high energy resolution of 20 keV (FWHM) and a scattering angle resolution of ±0.6 deg were achieved at an incident proton energy of 295 MeV.

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