Megaplasmids in Cupriavidus Genus and Metal Resistance

Max Mergeay, Sébastien Monchy, Paul Janssen, Rob Van Houdt, Natalie Leys, Pieter Monsieurs

    Research outputpeer-review


    The C. metallidurans strain CH34 and its representative plasmids pMOL28 (183 kb), which carries the resistance to mercury, chromate, nickel and cobalt, and pMOL30 (240 kb), which carries the resistance to cadmium, zinc, cobalt, lead, mercury and copper, were fully annotated. The plasmid pMOL28 contains a backbone that is quite similar to the backbone of plasmid pHG1 from C. eutrophus H16 and of pRALTA from C.taiwanensis . Three putative genomic islands were discovered on pMOL28. CMGI-28a, carries heavy metal resistance genes ( mer , cnr ,and chr ) and is flanked by IS 1071 elements that have undergone further rearrangements stabilizing the island . The backbone of pMOL30 is related to the large plasmid pBVIE01 of Burkholderia vietnamiensis G4 Plasmid pMOL30 contains two large putative genomic islands comprising genes involved in the resistance to heavy metals: CMGI-30a with the czc , pbr , and mer genes and CMGI-30b with the sil and cop genes.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationMicrobial Megaplasmids
    Place of PublicationBerlin Heidelberg, Germany
    ISBN (Print)978-3-540-85466-1
    StatePublished - 1 Jan 2009

    Publication series

    NameMicrobiology Monographs

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