Meta-Analysis of RNA-Seq Datasets Identifies Novel Players in Glioblastoma

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    Glioblastoma is a devastating grade IV glioma with poor prognosis. Identification of predictive molecular biomarkers of disease progression would substantially contribute to better disease management. In the current study, we performed a meta-analysis of different RNA-seq datasets to identify differentially expressed protein-coding genes (PCGs) and long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). This meta-analysis aimed to improve power and reproducibility of the individual studies while identifying overlapping disease-relevant pathways. We supplemented the meta-analysis with small RNA-seq on glioblastoma tissue samples to provide an overall transcriptomic view of glioblastoma. Co-expression correlation of filtered differentially expressed PCGs and lncRNAs identified a functionally relevant sub-cluster containing DANCR and SNHG6, with two novel lncRNAs and two novel PCGs. Small RNA-seq of glioblastoma tissues identified five differentially expressed microRNAs of which three interacted with the functionally relevant sub-cluster. Pathway analysis of this sub-cluster identified several glioblastoma-linked pathways, which were also previously associated with the novel cell death pathway, ferroptosis. In conclusion, the current meta-analysis strengthens evidence of an overarching involvement of ferroptosis in glioblastoma pathogenesis and also suggests some candidates for further analyses.
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    Article number5788
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    Issue number23
    StatePublished - 24 Nov 2022

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