Microstructural analysis of MTR fuel plates damaged by a collant flow blockage

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    In 1975, as a result of a blockage of the coolant inlet flow, two fuel plates of a fuel element of the BR2 reactor of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) have partially molten. This incident was included in the 1985 periodic safety analysis of BR2 and included in the IAEA database (Incident Reporting System Research Reactors). The element, consisting of HEU fuel plates (90 % 235U enriched UAlx fuel dispersed in an Al matrix), had accumulated a burn up of 21% 235U before it was removed from the reactor. Recently, the damaged fuel plates were sent to the hot laboratory (LHMA) for detailed PIE. In view of the scarceness of such datasets, the results of the microstructural analysis can provide valuable input for the research reactors community.
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    Title of host publicationRRFM 2009 Transactions
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    StatePublished - Mar 2009
    Event2009 - RRFM - 13th Annual Topical Meeting on Research Reactor Fuel Management - ENS, Vienna
    Duration: 22 Mar 200925 Mar 2009

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    Conference2009 - RRFM - 13th Annual Topical Meeting on Research Reactor Fuel Management
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