Migration of radionuclides in clay: A sensitivity analysis

Arnold Bonne, Martin Put, René Heremans, Leon Baetslé

    Research outputpeer-review


    The sensitivity of a three-dimensional mathematical model, which has been developed for the migration of solute radionuclides in clay, is evaluated and discussed. The sensitivity analysis has been performed on the basis of some relevant radionuclides (Cs137, Sr90, Eu154, Pu239 and Pu240) considereing variations of three parameters: D/R, C0/CMPC and v. They all represent a condensed form of all parameters intervening in the model (regional, rock specific and concentration parameters). The analysis demonstrated that the migration model is the most sensitive to D/R variations and the least to v.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationModelling, policy and decision in energy systems
    Number of pages7
    StatePublished - 1980
    Event1980 - International symposium of IASTED: Modelling, policy and decision in energy systems - Montréal
    Duration: 28 May 198031 May 1980


    Conference1980 - International symposium of IASTED

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