Modelling coolant chemistry in the MYRRHA reactor with a multi-physics computational tool

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    SCK•CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre in Mol, is developing an accelerator driven system (ADS) cooled by lead bismuth eutectic (LBE), called MYRRHA. A critical challenge for the use of LBE in nuclear systems, is the control of impurity chemistry in the coolant [1]. During normal operation, alloying elements such as iron, nickel and chromium, are released into the liquid metal by corrosion of steels. These elements interact with the coolant and other dissolved components, such as oxygen. After transport with the flow, chemical reactions of impurities in the liquid can give rise to the formation of deposits and/or particles, which may eventually lead to the fouling or even a blockage of key components such as heater exchangers and fuel assemblies. Corrosion of steels in LBE can be minimized with an accurate control of the dissolved oxygen activity in LBE, thereby promoting the formation of protective oxide films onto the steel surfaces
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    StatePublished - 16 Nov 2019

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