Modification des caractéristiques radioactives des isotopes de l'uranium au cours de l'irradation

Jean Schmets, Jan Broothaerts

    Research outputpeer-review

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    Uranium α- and γ-activity increases appreciably with U235 enrichment; this is due almost entirely to the 234 isotope.
    Irradiation does not appreciably affect the uranium α-activity ; however, the U234 concentration could become relatively high if the fuel is recycled.
    After reprocessing, the natural isotopes of uranium, separated from their daughter and fission products, have a low β-γ activity which will grow again at a rate which is faster for more highly enriched material irradiation causes the formation of U236, source of U237 ; the activity of the latter determines the cooling time of the fuel.
    The α, β and γ activities and their variation are discussed as a basis for defining some reprocessing and refabrication conditions. Their effect on purity normes for uranium and on cycle economics has been especially considered.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherSCK CEN
    Number of pages24
    StatePublished - Sep 1962

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