MYRRHA: A european experimental ADS for R&D applications status at mid-2005 and prospective towards implementation

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    Since 1998, SCK•CEN, Mol, Belgium,—in partnership with many European research laboratories—is designing a multipurpose Accelerator Driven System for R&D applications—MYRRHA. In parallel, an associated R&D support program is being conducted. MYRRHA aims to serve as a basis for the European experimental ADS providing protons and neutrons for various R&D applications. It consists of a LINAC proton accelerator delivering a 350MeV*5mA proton beam to a windowless liquid Pb-Bi spallation target that, in turn, couples to a Pb-Bi cooled, sub-critical fast core of 50MW thermal power. In this paper, we report on the status of the MYRRHA project at mid-2005 and the prospective towards its future implementation.

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    JournalJournal of Nuclear Science and Technology
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