MYRRHA, the Multi-purpose Hybrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications

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    SCK•CEN in association with 18 European partners from industry, research centres and academia, responded to the second FP7 call from the European Commission to establish a Central Design Team for the design of a FAst Spectrum Transmutation Experimental Facility (FASTEF) able to demonstrate efficient transmutation and associated technology through a system working in subcritical and/or critical mode. The project has started on April 01st, 2009 for a period of three years. As a further upgrade of the existing XT ADS design, FASTEF is proposed to be designed to an advanced engineering level for decision to embark for its construction at the horizon of 2012-2013 with the following objectives: be operated as a flexible and high-flux fast spectrum irradiation facility, be an experimental device to serve as a test-bed for transmutation (by demonstrating the ADS technology and the efficient transmutation of high level waste) and finally contribute to the demonstration of the Lead Fast Reactor technology without jeopardizing the two above objectives. The work of the Central Design Team has been progressing quite a lot since the beginning of the project. In this paper we present the status of the design at the end of 2010.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationICAPP'11 "Performance & flexibility:the power of innovation"
    Place of PublicationFrance
    StatePublished - May 2011
    Event2011 - ICAPP - International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants - SFEN (Société Française de l'Energie Nucléaire), Nice
    Duration: 2 May 20116 May 2011


    Conference2011 - ICAPP - International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants

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