New Spent Fuel Characterization Proposal: REGAL – Rod Extremity and Gadolinia AnaLysis

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    This report contains the presentation made at the MALIBU meeting of 13th of October 2009 about a new spent fuel characterization proposal, called REGAL (Rod Extremity and Gadolinia AnaLysis). This presentation will serve as a basis for the discussion of the proposal. The foreseen program will cover radiochemical analysis of three rods coming from the Tihange 1 reactor. 2 high duty rods will be characterized both in the rod extremity (3 samples on each of them) and in the flat burnup zone (2 samples for cross-ceck). One gadolinium rod (irradiated for one cycle) will be also analyzed with the same techniques, to get accurate data on Gd depletion. In addition to RC analysis that provide pellet-average concentrations of nuclides, local analyses by SIMS and/or EPMA are foreseen, both for the high burnup rods and for the Gd rod.
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    StatePublished - Dec 2009

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