On going activities in Belgium in the field of ADS: from MYRRHA to XT-ADS, an update

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    The Belgian activities in the field of the Technical Working Group on Fast Reactors are mainly related to ADS and in particular to the MYRRHA project development. MYRRHA is an accelerator-driven, multi-purpose fast neutron spectrum facility for R&D, cooled by a lead-bismuth eutectic. The MYRRHA project has evolved as an European integrated project called IP_EUROTRANS (European Commission, FP6); the MYRRHA pre-design has been proposed to the partners as a basis for the XT-ADS machine; after investigation of potential alternatives, the MYRRHA concept has been kept with some modifications to achieve the XT-ADS objectives. The most recent version of the XT-ADS design is presented. The most recent results in the R&D programme have been obtained in the WebExpIr experiment, where we study the interaction between the lead-bismuth free surface and a high-power DC electron beam (mainly the free flow distortion and the lead-bismuth evaporation due to surface heating). Beyond 2008 perspectives are under consideration for structuring the implementation and the deployment of the XT-ADS. SCK•CEN has already declared its readiness to welcome such a facility at Mol. In this purpose, several bilateral agreements have been signed, the most recent being with CEA (October 2006), JAEA (November 2006) and CIEMAT (April 2007).
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    Title of host publicationWorking Material - Meeting of the TWG on FR
    Place of PublicationVienna, Austria
    StatePublished - May 2008
    Event40th annual meeting of the IAEA TWG-FR group - IAEA, Kyoto
    Duration: 14 May 200719 May 2007


    Conference40th annual meeting of the IAEA TWG-FR group

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