On the analysis of Pu distribution in MIMAS MOX by EPMA

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    Advanced modelling of MOX fuel behaviour calls for a more detailed characterisation of the Pu dispersion in the matrix. Electron Microprobe Analysis (EPMA) is a technique that can be used to determine elemental distributions with a spatial resolution of 1 μm. Quantitative EPMA investigations are generally performed on individual points or along a straight line (linescan). Using two-dimensional scanning (maps), a large number of points is measured (typically 106 for an area of 1x1 mm2), but the analysis is at best semiquantitative.
    In this presentation, we will show how quantification using X-ray maps can be improved. Our approach is based on the acquisition of digital maps, directly calibrated on peak intensities. An advantage of the 2D method compared to linescan acquisitions, is that a 2D representation is more demonstrative and has much better statistics.
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    StatePublished - 2000

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