Optimization of thermal neutron converter in SiC sensors for spectral measurements of thermal and fast neutron flux

Ludo Vermeeren, Igor Krolikowski, Jerzy Cetnar, Fatima Issa, Raffaello Ferone, Laurent Ottaviani, Dora Szalkai, Axel Klix, Abdallah Lyoussi, Richard Saenger

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    Optimization of the neutron converter in SiC sensors is presented. The sensors are used for spectral radiation measurements of thermal and fast neutrons and optionally gamma ray at elevated temperature in harsh radiation environment. The neutron converter, which is based on 10B, allows to detect thermal neutrons by means of neutron capture reaction. Two construction of the sensors were used to measure radiation in experiments. Sensor responses collected in experiments have been reproduced by the computer tool created by authors, it allows to validate the tool. The tool creates the response matrix function describing the characteristic of the sensors and it was used for detailed analyses of the sensor responses. Obtained results help to optimize the neutron converter in order to increase thermal neutron detection. Several enhanced construction of the sensors, which includes the neutron converter based on 10B or 6Li, were proposed.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationIEEE Conference Publications
    Subtitle of host publication2015 4th Intl. Conf. ANIMMA
    Number of pages5
    ISBN (Electronic)978-1-4799-9918-7
    StatePublished - 5 May 2016

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