Overview of the IFMIF test facility design in IFMIF/EVEDA phase

Kuo Tian, Ali Abou-Sena, Frederik Arbeiter, Ángela R. García, Philippe Gouat, Roland Heidinger, Volker Heinzel, Ángel Ibarra Sanchez, Willem Leysen, Avelino Mas Sánchez, Martin Mittwollen, Anton Möslang, Jürgen Theile, Michiyoshi Yamamoto, Takehiko Yokomine

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    The test facility (TF) is one of the three major facilities of the International Fusion Material Irradiation Facility (IFMIF). Engineering designs of TF main systems and key components have been initiated and developed in the IFMIF EVEDA (Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities) phase since 2007. The related work covers the designs of a test cell which is the meeting point of the TF and accelerator facility and lithium facility, a series of test modules for experiments under different irradiation conditions, an access cell to accommodate remote handling systems, four test module handling cells for test module processing and assembling, and test facility ancillary systems for engineering support on energy, media, and control infrastructure. This paper summarizes the principle functions, brief specifications, and the current design status of the above mentioned IFMIF TF systems and key components.

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    Pages (from-to)2085-2088
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    Journalfusion engineering and design
    StatePublished - 1 Oct 2015

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