Performance of a high repetition pulse rate laser system for in-gas-jet laser ionization studies with the Leuven laser ion source @ LISOL

Rafael Ferrer, Volker Sonnenschein, Beyhan Bastin, Serge Franchoo, Mark Huyse, Yuri Kudryavtsev, Tobias Kron, Nathalie Lecesne, Iain Moore, Benoit Osmond, Dieter Pauwels, Deyan Radulov, Sebastian Raeder, Lieven Rens, Michael Reponen, Johannes Rossnagel, Hervé Savajols, Tetsu Sonoda, Jean-Charles Thomas, Paul Van den BerghPiet Van Duppen, Klaus Wendt, Sergei Zemlyanoy, Lucia Popescu

    Research outputpeer-review


    The laser ionization efficiency of the Leuven gas cell-based laser ion source was investigated under on- and off-line conditions using two distinctly different laser setups: a low-repetition rate dye laser system and a high-repetition rate Ti:sapphire laser system. A systematic study of the ion signal dependence on repetition rate and laser pulse energy was performed in off-line tests using stable cobalt and copper isotopes. These studies also included in-gas-jet laser spectroscopy measurements on the hyperfine structure of 63Cu. A final run under on-line conditions in which the radioactive isotope 59Cu (T1/2 = 81.5 s) was produced, showed a comparable yield of the two laser systems for in-gas-cell ionization. However, a significantly improved time overlap by using the high-repetition rate laser system for in-gas-jet ionization was demonstrated by an increase of the overall duty cycle, and at the same time, pointed to the need for a better shaped atomic jet to reach higher ionization efficiencies.

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