Preclinical evaluation of [155/161Tb] Tb-Crown-TATE - a novel SPECT imaging theranostic agent targeting neuroendocrine tumours

Luke Wharton, Scott W. McNeil, Helen Merkens, Zheliang Yuan, Michiel Van de Voorde, Gokce Engudar, Aiden Ingham, Helena Koniar, Cristina Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Valery Radchenko, Maarten Ooms, Peter Kunz, François Bénard, Paul Schaffer, Hua Yang

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Terbium radioisotopes (149Tb, 152Tb, 155Tb, 161Tb) offer a unique class of radionuclides which encompass all four medicinally relevant nuclear decay modalities (α, β+, γ, β−/e−), and show high potential for the development of element-matched theranostic radiopharmaceuticals. The goal of this study was to design, synthesise, and evaluate the suitability of crown-TATE as a new peptide-conjugate for radiolabelling of [155Tb]Tb3+ and [161Tb]Tb3+, and to assess the imaging and pharmacokinetic properties of each radiotracer in tumour-bearing mice. [155Tb]Tb-crown-TATE and [161Tb]Tb-crown-TATE were prepared efficiently under mild conditions, and exhibited excellent stability in human serum (>99.5% RCP over 7 days). Longitudinal SPECT/CT images were acquired for 155Tb- and 161Tb- labelled crown-TATE in male NRG mice bearing AR42J tumours. The radiotracers, [155Tb]Tb-crown-TATE and [161Tb]Tb-crown-TATE, showed high tumour targeting (32.6 and 30.0 %ID/g, respectively) and minimal retention in non-target organs at 2.5 h post-administration. Biodistribution studies confirmed the SPECT/CT results, showing high tumour uptake (38.7 ± 8.0 %ID/g and 38.5 ± 3.5 %ID/g, respectively) and favourable tumour-to-background ratios. Blocking studies further confirmed SSTR2-specific tumour accumulation. Overall, these findings suggest that crown-TATE has great potential for element-matched molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy using 155Tb and 161Tb.
Original languageEnglish
Article number3155
Number of pages16
Issue number7
StatePublished - Apr 2023

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