Preparation of the IRFUMA-6M irradiation campaign to qualify EUROFER97 joints (2.5 dpa, 300 °C)

Enrico Lucon, Johan Schuurmans

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    This document describes the future IRFUMA-6M irradiation campaign, in which mechanical samples of three EUROFER97 joints (EB, laser, diffusion joint) will be irradiated in the BR2 reactor in Mol at 300 °C up to a target dose of 2.5 dpa. The irradiation will last for 5 reactor cycles, starting from the second BR2 cycle of 2008 and ending after the first BR2 cycle of 2009. The irradiation rig which will be used is called MISTRAL; it is a multi-purpose reusable irradiation device which is inserted in a fuel element and allows irradiating steel samples between 160 and 350 °C with a high dpa/cycle ratio (approximately 0.5 dpa for an average reactor cycle of 21 days).
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherSCK CEN
    Number of pages6
    StatePublished - 15 Jan 2007

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    NameSCK•CEN Reports
    PublisherStudiecentrum voor Kernenergie

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