Radiation dose in interventional radiology and neuroradiology

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    For interventional radiology, our first concern goes to the restriction of deterministic effects due to ionizing radiation to the patient's skin and eyes. The dose threshold for these effects to the skin is 2 Gy. Doses were measured in 2 university hospitals on a total of 20 patients. The most direct measurement of skin dose is with the use of thermoluminiscent dosimeters. Results taught us that it is very advisable that skin doses are followed up during the procedure, however, the necessity to use a lot of TLDs in these complex procedures make their use akward. DAP-meters are less obtrusive and are preferred when the exposure projection changes during the procedure. The relationship between total DAP and the maximum skin dose was evaluated and a trigger level of 320 Gy.cm² was determined. This trigger level will warn the radiologist during the procedure when the threshold is reached, such that he will be aware that higher doses will give more severe effects to the skin and it might alarm him to keep radiation exposure to a minimum.
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    StatePublished - Nov 2005

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