Radiolabeling with Tb-161 and Lu-177: defining the impact of metal impurities

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161Tb and 177Lu prove to be highly valuable in the fight against cancer as they can be deployed in targeted radionuclide therapy. 177Lu-based radiopharmaceuticals are currently being widely explored, whereas interest in 161Tb as therapeutic radioisotope is growing rapidly because of its very comparable decay properties. Moreover, 161Tb is expected to have an improved therapeutic effect because of its simultaneous emission of conversion and Auger electron emission. SCK CEN recently developed in-house production methods for 161Tb [1] and 177Lu with high radionuclidic purity. However, also metal impurities are of major concern since they have the potential to compete with the radionuclide during radiolabeling. In this study we aimed to identify and quantify the effect of metal impurities on the radiolabeling of 161Tb and 177Lu.
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StatePublished - 30 Oct 2020
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