Report on venues, challenges, opportunities and recommendations for stakeholder engagement in the medical field: CONCERT-ENGAGE D9.89

Marie Claire Cantone, Christiane Pölzl-Viol, Bieke Abelshausen, Sotiris Economides, Liudmila Liutsko, Diana Savu, Caroline Schieber, Nadja Zeleznik, B Zorko

Research outputpeer-review


This document reports on case studies carried out in the ENGAGE project, on stakeholder engagement in relation to medical exposures to ionising radiation. It is centred on stakeholder engagement in justification and optimization practice, and in the aspects of informed consent, communication in radiation protection, and on the education and training on ionising radiation in the medical field. Case studies include procedures characterized by different inherent complexities, and pertaining to radiology, radiotherapy, interventional radiology. These cases refer to medical exposures of pregnant women, paediatric CT-scanning, interventional image-guided procedures, use of radiation for cancer treatment, and X-rays use in dental clinics.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEC - European Commission
Number of pages47
StatePublished - 1 Sep 2019

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