Risques de contamination dans les laboratoires des isotopes

S. Simon, R. Constant

Research outputpeer-review

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Radioactive materials may be used as external emitters as internal sources or as tracers. According to their use in medical services or in biological research laboratories, the risks are different.
1) In medical services, radioactive materials may be used in the form of either sealed or non-sealed sources. The sealed sources in general present but a risk of external irradiation. Radioelements in non-sealed sources are always β or β-γ emitters with generally no risk to cause long lasting residual radioactivity in the organism.
2) In the biological research laboratories, the risks may arise from the accumulation of many different substances. The authors taking for ranted that the metabolism of labelled molecules is different from that of radioelements, consider that the risk at long term is scarcely known. The chemical synthesis in such laboratories always implies risks which must be avoided in the largest possible measure.
Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages18
StatePublished - Nov 1963
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