SCK•CEN’S Activities in the Field of CBRN Risk Mitigation: Practical Contributions to Improving Nuclear Security Governance

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    The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN started activities in the framework of CBRN risk mitigation around 10 years ago. These activities were based on expertise on radiological and nuclear emergency management that was acquired over the years. The first activities focused on RN risks, in particular radiological dispersal devices or dirty bombs, followed by a more comprehensive study of the radiological risks and the countermeasures to be taken in the framework of a European FP6 R&D project called TMT Handbook. Present activities in CBRN risk mitigation of SCK•CEN have on the one hand a clear R&D component, mainly embedded in European research projects like e.g. the FP7 project CATO, and on the other hand a practical implementation component by leading or participating in several European projects (Centres of Excellence, Framework contracts for the Instrument for Stability) and providing advice and expertise to the national Belgian authorities. In this paper we will give an overview of all these activities and discuss some projects in more detail.
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