Separation of 137Cs and 90Sr from highly radioactive fission product soluctions

Leon Baetslé, Daniel Huys, Philippe Speeckaert

    Research outputpeer-review

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    Separatlon of 137Cs and 90Sr from fission Products in nitric acid Solutions wrth inorganic ion exchangers has been studied at three different activity levels.
    At tracé level a comparison has been made between the uptake capacify of titanium phosphate (TiP) and hexacyanoferrate (FeMo) for Cs and the ability to reuse the ion exchange columns during several loading and regeneration cycles.
    Titanium phosphate is advantageous when Cs has to be separated and purified but hexacyanoferrate (FeMo) is useful as storage material The separation of 90Sr from waste Solutions in HNO3 solution can be achieved with polyantimonic acid but the exchange kinetics are not very favorable.
    Confirmation tests with 137Cs and 90Sr at 5 Ci/l, mixed fission Products have shown that decontamination factors of 10^ may easily be obtained. Hot cell tests with mixed fission product Solutions at 100 Ci/l level in 2 to 7 M HNO3 indicated that titanium phosphate has to be preferred to hexacyanoferrate (FeMo) when 137Cs is to be separated during tests with repeated loading and regeneration cycles. 90Sr adsorbed on polyantimonic acid is difficult to remove by elution with HNO3 Pb(N03)2 therefore volatilization with hydrochloric acid gas at 250 to 300°C was investigated as a possible alternative.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherSCK CEN
    Number of pages37
    StatePublished - Dec 1973

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    NameSCK CEN Reports

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