SoLid: a short baseline reactor neutrino experiment

Yamiel Abreu, Yasmine Amhis, Lukas Arnold, G. Barber, Wim Beaumont, S. Binet, I. Bolognino, Mathieu Bongrand, J. Borg, Delphine Boursette, V. Buridon, B.C. Castle, H. Chanal, Bernard Coupé, P. Crochet, David Cussans, Albert De Roeck, Dominique Durand, T. Durkin, M. FallotLars Ghys, Lydie Giot, Kyle Graves, Benoit Guillon, David Henaff, Behzad Hosseini, S. Jenzer, Silva Kalcheva, Jeroen Mermans, Celine Moortgat, Lucia Popescu, Steven Van Dyck

Research outputpeer-review


he SoLid experiment, short for Search for Oscillations with a Lithium-6 detector, is a new generation neutrino experiment which tries to address the key challenges for high precision reactor neutrino measurements at very short distances from a reactor core and with little or no overburden. The primary goal of the SoLid experiment is to perform a precise measurement of the electron antineutrino energy spectrum and flux and to search for very short distance neutrino oscillations as a probe of eV-scale sterile neutrinos. This paper describes the SoLid detection principle, the mechanical design and the construction of the detector. It then reports on the installation and commissioning on site near the BR2 reactor, Belgium, and finally highlights its performance in terms of detector response and calibration.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberP02025
Pages (from-to)1-39
Number of pages40
JournalJournal of Instrumentation
StatePublished - 22 Feb 2021

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