Speciation and solubility calculations for waste relevant radionuclides in Essen and seawaters relevant to Boom Clay conditions: Calculations performed with ThermoChimie database 10d_18Oct2021_SIT_O2

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Speciation and solubilities of 27 waste relevant radionuclides in Essen water and seawater are calculated using the thermochemical database ‘ThermoChimie, version 10d_SIT’ which is the current reference database assigned by ONDRAF/NIRAS. These calculations are to be used to replace the past calculations done based on the in-house developed database ‘MOLDATA’. Calculation results revealed that solubilities of alkaline earth metals, Ni, and Ag may increase in Essen water and seawater compared to the present-day BC water due mainly to the decreased pH and dissolved inorganic carbon content. The impact of using different solution activity coefficient correction models, i.e., between Debye-Hückel and SIT on speciation and solubilities of considered radionuclides is minor and only observed in seawater.
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StatePublished - 24 Nov 2022

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